Leisure and Travel

Extend the visitor experience using mobile communication to take hospitality to the next level.

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Leisure and travel

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Maximum travelers have a phone with them​

Three out of four people say it’s their most important travel companion, which they use for things like purchasing tickets, asking inquiries, and so on.


1 in 3 people thinks chatbots are a good idea

Chatbots assist in ensuring a smooth and error-free stay. In the end, this helps to improve the guest experience, which is a top goal for the bulk of the sector.

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People currently prefer individualised communication

The majority of the industry recognises this and believes that data ownership is critical to personalisation.


Half of the people use their mobile phone for bookings

Visitors expect to be able to book activities and lodgings quickly and simply. This can be accomplished by streamlining the purchasing process with one-click mobile bookings.

The travel and leisure segments we serve:

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Booking Agencies & Travel Transportation

The key requirement of this technologically advanced sector is a dependable and future-proof system. The technology used by BEENET Communication allows them to swiftly start up and scale up. Our established infrastructure is capable of handling enormous volumes of calls, messages, and financial transactions.


Theaters, Museums, Parks, Zoos & More

Visitors have a wide assortment of entertaining things to choose from. Make an impression on current and potential customers by engaging them in novel ways. Reach out to them via various internet messaging platforms in addition to actual interactions.

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Hospitality, Restaurants & Hotels

The hospitality business places a strong emphasis on customer service. The highest level of service is a major priority. This should extend beyond the hotel lobby and cover all internet interactions. Take the next step in hospitality by providing a smooth mobile client journey.

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Sport Events, Festivals, Music & More

You will come across various touchpoints with your visitors when planning your event. This is your opportunity to wow your visitors and increase engagement. The goal is to use data to communicate with people on a personal level.